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Monitoring Village Finance and Development Module

The enactment of Law Number 6 Year 2014 on Village is expected to bring significant change in village governance and development. Because of the existence of this Law, the village government and its people have more space and opportunity to develop their village in accordance with their needs as stated in the Village Medium Term […]

PATTIRO Book Bazaar

In response to many book requests, throughout the month of November 2015, PATTIRO will share hundreds of books we have produced for free to those who are interested. For you who want you to have the books, you can come directly to PATTIRO Office on Jalan Mawar, Komplek Kejaksaan Agung Blok G 35, Pasar Minggu, South […]

Strengthening Accountability Ecosystems: A Discussion Paper

By: Brendan Halloran* Improving government transparency, responsiveness and accountability in countries in both the global north and south is a significant priority for citizens, government reformers and external donors and supporters. ‘Open Government’ and ‘social accountability’ are currently two of the most popular frameworks for understanding and pursuing such aims. Both the concept of open […]